Winter is coming

You can probably tell it by the cold that arrives at night, or by the way the air feels light and yet heavy at the same time.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Maybe it rains where you live and the water keeps pouring down. Then there’s that one hour of the day, when the rain stops for just a moment, and the clouds open up. The sun peeps in from beyond the blue sky and warms the area up.

Winter is coming. You can smell it by the musty humid air that arises when you step outside. As the warmth leaves your home from the drier or an open window.

You sit by a window. Perhaps above the city, as you watch the rain fall on the small cars below.

Perhaps you’re in the forest. As the rain creates rivers and ponds.

The bright glow of the Christmas lights shine their warm tint.

My mother is home from work, and my father is off on his daily trip. Everything seems nice, and everything seems peaceful.

This year, we have a new face. Once born no longer than two years ago. His chubby body runs around with a toy in hand and a smile on his face.

Photo by Javier de la Maza on Unsplash

He giggles and runs as if we were monsters trying to catch him.

Perhaps we’ll turn the sofa around, that normally faces away from the window, and well sit there, watching the rain fall down on us and yet we’re covered by a piece of glass that keeps the warmth in.

Winter is coming. There is music and gifts, and traditional foods like tamales and a weird kings bread.

Hot chocolate with conchas, and the occasion birthday cake.

I’ll hear songs, and thunder. A power out, and having fun in the dark while we try to watch a movie on our phones and such. Then we’ll remember that our heater is broken so we’ll gather more blankets and cover ourselves till morning. And even then, it would still be cold.

Winter is coming. This year brings means promises, from volcanoes exploring to a new president. Alien arrivals, to a long awaited “Cure”

Winter is coming. I can feel it with my nose. I can feel it with my body.

The nights get much colder, and slowly things become snowy.



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Jose Hernandez

Jose Hernandez


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