To start a challenge

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Have you ever wanted to do something, like learn a new skill or finish that book you’ve been meaning to read.

That something for me is always changing. From writing a book to drawing everyday to somehow get better at it.

I would always make challenges so that I could be motivated to do something. But even though they were small, I couldn’t keep up with them.

This time around, I have a challenge to write a post everyday.

I got the idea from Tom Kuegler, on his post How to write faster.

He stated that If you want to get faster in writing, you need to write everyday, and write short 300 word articles/post.

At first I thought, WHY?

But as he explained further along, part is in being able to write a little everyday and maintaining it. The other part being that you need to create a whole story withing those 300 words. A beginning. A middle. And an end.

As so I began to write this article, with the mindset that whatever I write, no matter how long or short it is, I will finish it.

And so you know, this post averages to around 200 words. not bad for my first run eh.

If you want to tag along, decide to start today. Get a calendar and stamp out the today’s date when you’re done.



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Jose Hernandez

Jose Hernandez

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