This is a blog post

Or an article, depends on how you see things.

All I want to do is write. It doesn’t matter in the slightest what other people think, I just want to write and see my words on paper or even on the screen.

(Better if it’s on paper)

You may never find true passion without finding something you can do every day

This is something that’s been in my mind.

The idea of having something to do everyday. Something you adore or enjoy doing. So much so that if you find/make a job around it, it won’t feel like a job.

The romanticizing this but it does and should feel that way. Shouldn’t it?

I’ve seen my family members unsatisfied by their jobs and yet they return and do it again. All for me and my siblings. They put in the effort and that makes me feel selfish. To want something even more than that which they can give.

I an try to justify my feelings for being so but it won’t matter.

Like saying something like “then again, many people say that that’s how the world is” its a bit down. People come to America for the American dream and all they can do is pass down that idea to their children in hopes that they can have a fulfilling life.

But is that what they really want? Their actions surely say so. So when I have a kid, if I have a kid, will I have to do the same? Sacrifice my every being to raising them?

In short, that is the responsibility in this kind of society. When you have a kid, people expect you to take time off and care for them. Heck, maybe even pay other people to play with them, but is that alright to do?

Morally you should spend as much time with your child. It’s common since. To do so would signify you as a bad mother or father by society.

This is where my idea come into play.

For immigrants like my parents, they sacrificed a whole lot to come to America and birth my brothers here. So is it alright if I don’t do the same, and find my passion.

That I don’t have a child so that I can remain working on myself and my own goals?



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Jose Hernandez

Jose Hernandez


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