The Novelty of Music

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A couple days ago, I went on a music spree.

I listened to all or most of my favorite musics that I had accumulated over time. This time though, the music didn’t bring in any kind of that bliss feeling when you hear your favorite song. Instead, I got annoyance.

Why was that?

I routed the cause to be the inside of our minds or the feeling of novelty. When I first listened to my music, it was connected to an event and an emotion.

I was watching anime and the sound of the music made me happy and excited.

But now that I was listening to it, that happy and exited feeling wasn’t there. It had just vanished into nothingness. Almost…

You see, the same thing happens with food. I’m sure that some of you have experienced this in your life time. Perhaps you really liked someones cooking or a certain meal, but once you’ve eaten it a few time in a row, it begins to feel, blehh.

There is a solution to that which is mixing in the flavors of the food so that it tastes different every time you/they make it.

Having a variety will change up the feeling. This is why there are remixes of music so that the next time you hear it, it sounds better or different, giving your mind satisfaction.

Another thing you can do is to stop the music or food from coming up to much.

This means changing you food plan every week or having a variation of other music between the time that one song comes up.

This is why radio stations have lots of music playing after another and rarely the same song. They also mix it up probably never putting together the same two songs twice in a week.

This creates novelty in music and food. I’m sure that many of you have had a similar experience so write down in the comments what you’ve experienced this phenomena with.




Creator of, writer, blogger, and most importantly, anime watcher/reviewer cus why not?

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Jose Hernandez

Jose Hernandez

Creator of, writer, blogger, and most importantly, anime watcher/reviewer cus why not?

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