The Importance of Sleep on Productivity

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Maybe too many of us believe we can stay awake more than 24 hours. We stay and work form most of that time and sleep way less than our 8 hours recommended.

Sleep, though it uses most of our time, is what brings out the most productivity out of us.

While you’re asleep, your mind rests and clears any fogginess from before.

If any of you have tried to spend more that 16 hours awake, you’ll know what i’m talking about.

You sight begins to blur and you thoughts become foggy. Yes, you can take an energy drink, but you risk your over all health.

The longer you sleep, the more rested you feel. The better you feel, the more efficient you can work.

It’s common knowledge that you must rest but no many know how.

When many people rest, they either watch Netflix or play video games. They either drink or/and smoke. You can already see the problem here.

These aren't real forms of rest. Their ways to cope with stress.

One of the main functions of sleep is to restore your body. That means reducing stress too.

When you rest, you must do nothing else.

So, how do you rest?

1. You stare at the ceiling and let your mind wonder

By letting it wonder, you let your mind say what it wants to say. Don’t focus to much on it, just let it run. You will get board but that’s the purpose of this exercise. To get board and be alright with it.

2. You can take a nap

These are called siesta in Spain. Usually done in the middle of the day when it’s the most hot. This allows the body and mind to rest enough for you to return back to work for the next few hours. When doing this, it’s best to not get detracted and just close your eyes. Similar to the previous exercise.

3. You can meditate

I’m not a big fan of meditating but it has done wonder in the past for me. It has allowed me to answer some of my most desired question. The only thing that stops me from liking it is the bad beliefs that I still hold on about it.

Anyways, to do this, do exercise one but with your eyes closed and sitting in a chair or laying on your bed. Begin to breath, inhaling for 3 second, holding for 3 seconds, and letting go for 3 seconds. Keep doing this and you will notice that you body begins to calm down and somehow feel rested.

These three exercises have been able to clear my own mind and have allowed me become more productive in the long run. If you even find yourself tired or in need of some inspiration, try doing these exercises. You might get an idea.

Oh, last thing. If your ever in need of help with meditation, try Headspace. They have amazing guided meditations and videos showing you how meditation works and how it can benefit you.

Have fun. Thank you for reading.




Creator of, writer, blogger, and most importantly, anime watcher/reviewer cus why not?

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Jose Hernandez

Jose Hernandez

Creator of, writer, blogger, and most importantly, anime watcher/reviewer cus why not?

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