The change in energy, A key to being productive.

Or getting close to it.

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This happen when I was doing something within my room. The place that I call my save haven.

Minutes before waking up, I heard my mother turning on the car to leave to leave for the store.

Within that time, I had woken up, gotten my camera, recorded a video, and even published it.

The video was short by the way but from the time I woke up and published the it, I felt productive like I could do whatever I wanted to do.

I decided to take a break and that's when I felt like it should be a minor break. Maybe 1–5 minutes long as to maintain the momentum.

This is the kind of momentum that I wish in order to produce something everyday, similar to a daily blog/vlog, or in other words, I wish to find a dream job with similar action to what I did today.

1 A key variable I found was that I slept, and woke up at a time that was suitable for my health. Even though slept late the night before, I woke up at around 9 am fully refreshed with little disturbance with my sleep. I usually wake up at at 5–7 due to high school or to wake my dad up, but this time, I felt pretty good.

This change of energy may have caused a start up sequence to turn on allowing me to improve my productivity for the fallowing day.

2 The next idea is that it was caused because of the being that I am now.

Lately, I’ve researched on ways to become the way that I want, or to become more productive.

3 I started up by watching a course on productivity by Ali Abdaal. Within the course, Ali talked about the pilot, something I ignored because something else was within my minds eye. I realized that I needed to commit to something. Similar to a relationship or to committing to read a book everyday.

Even though there is no one watching or even seeing that my commitment would ever be broken, it felt like I was tied by a spiritual, even religious commitment. As such, I have managed to read and fallow the instructions of a book to improve my overall well being.

After I finished, my mother came back from the store. I felt my mindset and energy slowly change.

Right before, both my sibling were in their rooms with the doors closed and doing homework if not sleeping or playing video games.

I like to have my door open so that I can hear environmental noises. Part of the problem, is being distracted by people screaming across the house or a little kid coming into the room.

Being alone

For a long while, I believed and even still do, that living alone will greatly improve my productivity and actions. Though managing to live alone will be a challenge. But doing so will take away many major distractions like being called to do something or even having a sibling scream from the the other side of the house.

There is a chance that I would fall back onto my bad habits but doing so will be beneficial and maybe new ones would be created within this new environment. But overall, I feel that changing the main environment will greatly improve my productivity.

Similar to removing cookies from the cookie jar, If I take away any distractions, I am left with my self siting on the chair only to sleep or do something productive.

I've learned to have a kind of work flow within my writing and recording videos. There is so much I want to write about but part of the problem not doing so being brought down by my feelings or by surroundings distractions. It’s really impeding me from achieving my greatest of goals.

If I were to leave, I would be able to slowly break down any phycological behaviors and mentalities that have stopped me from achieving a goal or even be a negative form of thinking.


At the moment, I feel like I can do whatever I want. Start a game, write and edit this whole essay/article/ blog, but I am already starting to feel the sane way that I get everyday. The feeling that I can’t do it or thinking of stopping to take a break, which may lead to by momentum stopping.

Though to begin with, I feel amazing. Like I can just do it and continue to work on it.

But now I want to do a kind of experiment.

Does this happen every day but or environment and emotions bring us down, or is it that we lose or feelings after a certain time?

Secondly, can we maintain this kind of work style/feeling for a while week/half a day?

Third, when can I access this work flow state? can I access it whenever? is there a trigger? or is it something that happens almost at random.

Similar to putting on shoes in the morning or wearing work out gear before you head to the gym to initiate the feeling of being productive/or to be productive.

Mind you, I haven’t drank any coffee today. I feel energized and happy. and most importantly, I haven’t had a need to use the restroom to go poop. Maybe this is because I may be lactose in tolerant, or because I ate a cookie to begin the day. Unhealthy yes but it works…

This is something that I want to continue to experiment on. Like the efficient to work with music on or have something like a podcast playing in the back ground. I feel like doing so will slow down my thinking and even try to multitask which is a myth by the way and if you do, your attention jumps from place to place trying to make since of it all.

The next part of this may be staying focused but I’ll leave that for another day.



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