Should you put in the effort? How to become more than just a writer.

When writing these articles I always ask myself if I should put in the upmost effort.

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It’s not like it’s really graded, I think. Nobody is currently reading what I write. Or if they do they aren’t really saying much.

That brings me to the idea that maybe I’m not getting the view or followers I want because I don’t put in the effort to make these articles/posts good enough.

First, I actually haven’t seen my analytics to fins out how many people are reading me. That’s something good. The mad thing is that I’m measuring my success by how many people begin following me. (lately it’s just been one)

Growing up in this kind of business is tough. Well its tough in any industry.

Youtube, blogging, digital illustrator, you name it.

It takes time to get well know or to even get good at what you’re doing.

Getting out of high school, I was distraught by how many more years of school I would need for a career, and that’s if I found a career I liked.

The amount of effort they need is far greater than what I use to make these articles. That’s why some jobs pay thousand a month and tens to even hundreds a year. The amount of skills and effort allow them to chose the job they want and just about how much they want to get payed.

If they are skilled enough they may even win the competition.

As for me, I’m a different story.

I’m an amateur that doesn’t even know what he wants to be in life just yet.

I’m a beginner writer with little to no followers. (Thanks for those who have fallowed me)

I’m low ranking compared to the competition, but If I had just stayed back and sat down at my desk, I would have just been another wanna be writer who hasn’t picked up a pen in weeks because they still want to write that story they had when they were kids.

I have taken action to write to day, and though It may not be the best worded, best edited, or even organized, I wrote. That’s is what matters. That you get your idea form mind to paper or where ever you post on the internet.

Dam that was short….

uhh… Follow me for more like this. I’ll try to re read this later…. maybe…

It’s also a good thing no one is reading because I can write whatever I want and there is little judgement on your end. And very little on my end.



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Jose Hernandez

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