Productivity in Everyday things.

I used to be productive, for what felt like weeks which happened to be only two days.

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My phone was taken away so I was left with my tablet and my computer.

While rustling through my “Work due” pile, I managed to find something that felt urgent.

I need to finish multiple project for school. (Which I still need to by the way) But my phone was the device that prevented me from attaining mastery in productivity.

Easily meaning to spend half an hour in it because two or three.

The high amount of dopamine and habit of picking the phone up to watch youtube has left me in a trap. But for those two days that the phone was gone, I managed to make a dent in my work. (Which still isn’t finished)

By some means I managed to isolate the event that would bring on procrastination.

Getting it back those few days later, I tried talking it slow but soon after, I felt the habit of picking up my phone grasping my attention.

What was meant to be a night of me spending in front of the computer whittling away at my homework or even this article became hours looking into youtube videos scouring the internet for the next r/meme video.

The take away from this is that I’ve found the thing that causes the most procrastination in me.

My next steps are to try to ignore it. Focusing on my work or simply hiding my phone some place.

Lock it somewhere if I get too desperate.

This falls under environmental habit. Where a certain place is built to either produce productivity or more procrastination.

I want to say this is why many offices don’t allow people have much comfort in their job but I’ve never been in an office job.

But this is the reason why most people procrastinate or break good habits.

Because you keep getting that chocolate form the story and leaving it out in the counter. Because you keep putting those books behind a whole bunch of junk. Because you keep leaving you gaming device right next to your “office” place at home.

If you want to change your habit or become more productive, change your environment so that you don’t have to do much to get it started. That means leaving that skill share tab open and ready to go for the next morning.

There are countless more tips I can give, but to narrow a niche to keep writing about it here. If you want to learn more, follow me. You’ll get to read about y adventure writing on medium or the questions that come into my mind when debating about A.I. and ways to make a utopia.

Arigto… (I’m not Japanese)



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