Once again a little late

Bombarded by noise and sleep deprived, part of me wants to make things better.

Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash

It wants me to write better, to draw better, to explain things better and so forth. In ways that I may not be able to right now. In ways that one nay look at an empty jar of milk and find the lustrous white liquid filling a miraculous sunny cup.

Some of you may say that over time you’ll get goon at it but I find that if I don’t use words like that (which I rarely do) I’ll never be able to get better at whatever subject I want to improve.

The same is said with my drawings and ideas. If I don’t try or even try to learn it, I’ll never get good at it.

It’s like trying to write a book without ever reading one. You just know a thing exist because a friend told you about a leather thing filled with paper and ink that transcends time and space to create a miracle driven story.

You’ve gone your whole life so now you want to create something that has never existed in your life.

Yes, you can say it’s partly science. Eventually you’ll get there without any reference, but it will surely have many side tracks and take years of life that we humans don’t have.

Now in days artist use reference. Some even pray by it. ( I don’t know the right phrase for that) I on the other hand begin by what my mind has in store. Creating stories from memories and images in my mind, creating new scenarios of a peace over and over again until it look, sounds, or reads right.

The only problem with this is that my tools A.K.A my skills as an artist or a writer are not very sharp. By that I mean I lack the skill to turn my ideas into reality. That is the down side to my creativity.

Part of my journey is leaning how to turn those ideas into the things I want them to look like. But this processes can take years. And perhaps more.

Within that time, I would have countless times of doubt where I’d fall short on a project or idea. Mostly for my lack of skill, or patience. And I feel I’m good with patience. (most of the time)

All this leading to procrastination or giving up. Now people would encourage me not to. Shows are bound my a law that creates this kind of scenario within them.

The main character fall short on their goal and are about to give up when something happens and BANG!. Some how, by some way, they get what they wanted. They save the girl, get the chick, acquire the lost alien footage from area 51 and send it out to the world to see.

Sadly, the world is not like that. That’s why you get movies with cliff hangers or the ones where the good guy doesn’t get what they want. Which usually leads to a new movie or something. Idk, I guess there aren’t that many like that. You guys comment one.

The real has laws that govern the world. I want to say these laws are invisible but I can barely feel them. Heck I can barely even know they are there. Like strings that hold the world together.

At times there is something that can appear within a human. They manifest enough energy for I’d say at least half an hour or less. This energy I’m talking about is what I like to call God’s Will. The feeling you get when you feel like you can do anything in the world.

I like to call it God’s Will because I reference it to story Idea that I have building up within my head.

I want to say it transcends God itself, if only for a brief moment.

Though any implications in real life are not tested. I can only say that a few test here and there might be related to this subject. ….Haven’t actually gone to find one. All I know is that some people would call it high vibration energy.

It’s said that the higher you go, the closer you are to gone. Though that’s just something little I made up for a small story of mine.

I guess this really went out of topic huh.

Well see ya next time. … Whenever that may be ;)



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Jose Hernandez

Jose Hernandez


Creator of Pentopaper.org, writer, blogger, and most importantly, anime watcher/reviewer cus why not?