It’s ok to take small breaks when things get chaotic.

If you’ve fallowed me recently, you may notice I didn’t upload anything last night. Reason being that I had a family issue…

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

By the time I got home I was tired and all I remember doing is taking a shower, eating some roman noodles, and going to play a few video games before blacking out.

The thought of writing didn’t occur to me. Partly because I’m still starting off as a daily writer on medium, and partly because I’m sadly getting clumsy lately. From thinking it’s a different day to forget where I put that pencil I had in my hand a second ago.

I really don’t know where my mind has been. Luckily I get a week beak from school to rest up or catch up on some late work.

When things get as chaotic as it’s been for me when you can’t even think anymore or your heart is telling you so many no’s, then It’s alright to step back. Take a break and then continue to question why you needed that break or why a certain task or job gave you all those heart attacks.

Maybe it could be sleep but that’s a different post…

Anyways, I got this one out early put I’m getting sleepy just staring at the screen so I’m taking a little break and getting back at this the next morning If I can get my lazy ass off my bed. :)



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Jose Hernandez

Jose Hernandez

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