Maybe just for today. Maybe just for a week.

The future never tells me

I wish to write because I want to say something, maybe inspirational, maybe happy, and sometimes…

When writing these articles I always ask myself if I should put in the upmost effort.

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It’s not like it’s really graded, I think. Nobody is currently reading what I write. Or if they do they aren’t really saying much.

That brings me to the idea that maybe I’m not…

If you’ve fallowed me recently, you may notice I didn’t upload anything last night. Reason being that I had a family issue…

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By the time I got home I was tired and all I remember doing is taking a shower, eating some roman noodles, and going to play a few…

For the past few weeks, I’ve had the assumption that what I wanted was something I wanted. Then I learned that my decisions in life were influenced by my parents and my circumstances.

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If I was born with any other place or time, my own being would be far different…

I used to be productive, for what felt like weeks which happened to be only two days.

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My phone was taken away so I was left with my tablet and my computer.

While rustling through my “Work due” pile, I managed to find something that felt urgent.

I need to…

Bombarded by noise and sleep deprived, part of me wants to make things better.

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It wants me to write better, to draw better, to explain things better and so forth. In ways that I may not be able to right now. …

10:43 at night. About to head to sleep when bam. I remembered that I needed to write.

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On any other day I would have gone back to sleep, given myself the day off to never return to the challenge again. …

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Have you ever wanted to do something, like learn a new skill or finish that book you’ve been meaning to read.

That something for me is always changing. From writing a book to drawing everyday to somehow get better at it.

I would always make challenges so that I could…

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As I scoured the internet, I find that I have less and less opportunities to make a living out of working in the internet.

The reasons usually involve not having enough money to invest. Not putting or not having the time to do it. …

We both know that your just scare. You can make the time you want, you can ask people for help. You can ask your boss for that job and your friend for a date. All you got to do is “man up.”

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Fear is on of the main reason as…

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